Document Type : Review Paper


Master's Degree in Agricultural Economics, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran



 Loofah is a creeping plant that grows in nature on abandoned building structures and fence walls in some cities and villages. The sponge in the fruit holds the seeds. This sponge is used in rural areas of some countries to wash and clean household dishes and their seeds are thrown away. Natural cellulose fibers obtained from the world of plants have many uses. They can remove dead skin cells and make the skin glow. These copper cellulose fibers can clean and tighten the skin. Loofah can be cut into large or smaller pieces or different shapes and used as pads, cushions, and other practical items in handicrafts. Luffa fiber is a green alternative as a medium for root growth in hydroponic plants. The bud, flower, and ripe fruit of this plant can be used for food consumption. This fiber can be used as a filter in the engines of cars, and in water treatment plants. The fiber of this plant is used to absorb heavy metals from wastewater, including metals from olive oil factories. Loofah flour is also used as fertilizer.